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Aniversam anul acesta 9 ANI de VERTICAL STEP MARATON  si 8 ANI de EXISTENTA pentru SALA DE ESCALADA Vertical Spirit din Baicului.

8 ani in care:

9 editii de Maraton pentru care:

Si pentru ca Vertical Step Maraton este un adevarat maraton de catarare, o competitie extrem de solicitanta pentru participanti, motto-ul acestei editii este: CLIMB SMART – don’t try hard, try easy!


KIT-ul DE PARTICIPARE va include: tricoul evenimentului, fructe, batoane proteice.

Open fete/ baieti : Loc I – 750 lei, Loc 2 – 500 lei, Loc 3 – 300 lei
Rookie fete / baieti : Loc I – 200 lei, Loc 2 – 150 lei, Loc 3 – 100 lei

Amenajator principal: OLIVER BATAR.

Duminica seara, in cadrul Festivitatii de Premiere, vom decerna si PREMIILE pentru GREUCEANU, proiectul pe care l-am demarat anul trecut si prin care ne dorim sa sustinem si sa incurajam practicarea escaladei sportive de performanta.

MASAJ oferit de Catalin Iorga pe parcursul celor 2 zile de concurs, in cadrul cabinetului de masaj din incinta salii :
*** sedinta 20 min – 25 lei, sedinta 40 min – 50 lei, sedinta 60 min – 70 lei ***
Doar cu programare. Detalii in curand.

Taxa de participare:  

NU RATATI VERTICAL STEP MARATON  - o competitie in care fiecare isi poate depasi propriile limite si imbunatati performantele proprii !!!
CLIMB SMART – don’t try hard, try easy!!!


Bouldering and climbing Marathon - 9th Edition

Don’t try hard – CLIMB SMART!

Vertical Step Marathon is the biggest indoor climbing contest in Romania, organized by Vertical Spirit in the highest climbing gym from Romania (15.5m high). It is a private competition for adults, which is organized according to its own rules, set by the organizers and made public on the event's website.

This event combines in the same competition bouldering with sport climbing. For two days the participants will take part in a climbing Marathon on specially designated routes, both climbing and bouldering. Vertical Step Marathon addresses to all climbing enthusiasts, beginners or advanced and it is not reserved for the "elite", like high performance athletes, but is a festival dedicated to climbing, free spirit and non –conformism of those who practice this sport.
The qualifying round will have numerous routes, varied and accessible to all, regardless of their level. We "reserve" for the best athletes the Final, which will be turned into a real show of strength, flexibility and concentration, all in the spotlight and music of the highest quality! Thus we invite the finalists to perform in an atmosphere specifically designed for them, and we promise to their audience that they will not regret remaining to watch, encourage and applaud them. And why not, to motivate them!


The participation KIT will include: event t-shirt, fruits, protein bars.
LIVE SREAMING of the Finals on www.iclimb.ro.
Chief route setter: OLIVER BATAR.

OPEN boys / girls : 1st Place – 166 E; 2nd Place – 111 E ; 3rd Place – 66 E
ROOKIE boys / girls : 1st Place – 44 E; 2nd Place – 33 E ; 3rd Place – 22 E

Catalin Iorga shall be waiting you at the massage cabinet at the 2nd floor, with the clear job to relax your muscles.


Participation in both sections isn’t mandatory, but the participation fee will be the same.

DO NOT MISS VERTICAL STEP MARATON  - a competition where each one can exceed his own limits and improve his performances!